I nostri valori
Our Values

Our values

Our brand sets out the promise of consultancy in the Communication field enriched with the most relevant and important values which make our work concrete, original and unique.

We identify our working method to that of the propagation concept: the bee is able to adapt its behavior to nature’s demands, in the same way that Lape adapts its strategic behavior to market dynamics and to Client’s needs. 


For us, work means enthusiasm, the ability to get into the game and fulfill personal enrichment.
These values make Lape a responsible partner, respectful of our customer’s time and investment. We work bearing in mind that ethics, transparency and reliability are indispensable features to establish a solid relationship with our customers. 

2. Technical Value | STRATEGY. FLEXIBILITY.

Our strategic vision enables us to quickly adapt to different situations, you can count on our flexibility. Our team is young, dynamic and up-to-date laboratory of ideas.


3. Operating Value | MODULAR SYSTEM. NETWORK.

Lape leverages on a modular system, exploiting a network of strategic alliances, carefully selected in several specific areas, this allows us for duly support in every phase of planning and performing.